BCMIP Lesson 3 Topic 9a Quiz – Dialogue 1

Note: This quiz serves to illustrate the below question types in the course.

  • For matrix sort question, you will see choices on top. Match each pinyin syllable to the correct English explanation by dragging it to match the below correct meaning. Release it once you see a coloured shadow within the box
  • For order sort question, sort the syllables in the right order (top to bottom) by moving them individually
  • For “fill in the blank” question, the student will need to fill in the pinyin in the answer. A number will represent the tones i.e. 1 is first tone, 2,3 and 4 are the tone representation for second to fourth tones respectively. A neutral tone is represented by a dot in between the first and second syllable.

Do also note that only three questions out of the total four questions are shown.