Sample Lessons of LMS Conversational Mandarin Courses

Here are some sample lessons of Basic Conversational Mandarin Course (BCMIP) course using Pinyin (spelling sound). BCMIP comprises of BCMIP1 and BCMIP2 and the student can decide to take both courses together at discounted price or one course at a time. The differences are:

BCMIP1 (3 lessons) focuses on basics of Pinyin and some practices.

BCMIP2 (6 lessons) focuses on daily application in life to improve the student’s Pinyin pronunciation and the student does not need to memorise Chinese characters at this moment.

There is no preview on Lesson 6 of BCMIP2 because it is a revision lesson with a Final Course Quiz.

You are encouraged to take up the Lesson 1 Trial of BCMIP1 to have a better experience since the interaction bit with the Instructor is not available here.

You can access the sample lessons/quizzes below or from the sidebar on the right. You can click on the individual quizzes to have a have a go and if unsure, just key in some random answers to have a feel of the actual quizzes. After every quiz, just click on the “View Questions” button to see the quiz results. Note that you have to complete every question in the sample quiz which is similar to actual quiz.

Do note that the look and feel of this sample website is different from the actual website because the student will be immersed in a social learning environment which cannot be simulated because an account has to be created. Please watch the explainer video to see the actual environment by accessing it from the above menu bar.

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