Sample Lessons & Quizzes of BCMIP and Le Mandarin School’s Sample Blog Posts

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This website showcases the sample lessons/quizzes of Basic Conversational Mandarin Courses and sample blog posts of Le Mandarin School . Since these are sample lessons and thus the quizzes require prior knowledge of the lessons which means you are unlikely to answer the quizzes. In that case, please attempt the quizzes with random choices/answers so that you can experience the automated quiz processing/reporting itself.

For the blog posts, students will be able to access an array of posts on Mandarin and China once he/she registers for the course.

The aim of the blog posts is to provide some analysis and information on China so that the reader gets another perspective different from the western media because the information are based on reports from the Chinese media/articles.

There are altogether 9 lessons, 165 topics, 207 quizzes and 1238 quiz questions in the full BCMIP course which comprises of BCMIP1 and BCMIP 2 courses.

For the topics of BCMIP, please refer here.

Le Mandarin School website is here.